Educational Chatbot Project

Educational Chatbot Project / 2014
Individual work

Solomong is an interactive English word learning application using collocation. Solomong has improved traditional English word learning that could not be used for conversation or writing. When we learn new vocabulary words as adults, we will not write them in the exercise book or at the desk. You may have naturally experienced the words memorized through conversations or repeatedly in your daily life. If you learn English words through collocation example with natural exposure of words, you can memorize the words more conveniently and easily.  

The most important thing in studying English is to memorize words, but it is difficult to memorize words. Also, everyone would have forgotten the words they had memorized so they would not want to study. However, existing applications are nothing more than putting words on a phone and testing them. Memorization simply moved from paper or exercise book to the application.

The method described above is a flowchart in which an XML file is parsed based on a user input message to match a conversation pattern and respond. The picture below shows the conversation pattern XML file that can be created in the desired way according to the conversation method and the meaning and example of the necessary words in the word dictionary XML file. Using GPU Cluster, when a user enters a message, the appropriate answer is taken from the pre-written conversation pattern and displayed.

English learning of conversation patterns that are conducted according to the field and age group that the user wants to learn can be interesting and efficient. Solomong implemented the application of English learning through conversation. In order for the conversation to proceed, it is important to understand the user's intentions and provide appropriate answers to the user's input.