Level Sander

Concept Project / 2017
Individual work

Level Sander visually shows the force which a user applies in 9 stages. Visual information is one of the most effective tools of recognition. If a user can recognize the level of force which the user applies in visual information, it can prevent and minimize mistakes in sanding beforehand. This characteristic will provide excellent work results for even users who are not accustomed to using sanding machine. Making various design mockups thus far, I have taken notice of inconveniences of sanding machines. While observing those who use sanding machines and talking with them, I could draw out common problems.  

When doing sanding work with a sanding machine, it is very important to make the plane consistently even and flat. However, we often see uneven surfaces which results from faulty application of forces. It takes a lot of time and labor to recover this kind of mistakes. Sometimes, there are cases when recovery is impossible, which requires a complete rework.

Level Sander helps prevent these mistakes in advance and helps the sander work more comfortably. LCD display on the top shows 9-stage light according to the level of force the user applies. That is, level of force user applies is shown in visual form in 9 stages. As the applied force is displayed, the user can reduce mistakes by adjusting the force applied and as the user knows how much force the user applied for each part, sanding work becomes much easier. This characteristic will help even users who are not used to handling of sanding machines obtain excellent work results.  

Low and long body, light weight, ergonomic form to fit your hand and rubberized grip allows a stable and effective sanding performance. Extremely well-balanced perfect symmetry of Level Sander enables a user to work equally comfortably whether it’s being used in the left hand or the right hand.