Circle Peacock & Tail bird

Nongshim / 2018
Team work / All involved

We have a customized Kitchenware project for Doongji Naengmyeon. Doongji Naengmyeon is instant cold noodles of Nongshim. The focus was on the improvement of the strainer, which is the most important in the cooking process of instant noodles. When cooking noodles, the hard work is to throw away the boiled water and cool the noodles with cold water. In the process, Doongji Naengmyeon's brand image was further emphasized and the kitchenware strainer was designed to enhance consumer convenience.

Like the Josepha Joseph folding chopping board, the silicone hinge allows users to fold and unfold in the kitchen. Considering that the strainer is more often not used than it is, it is an interior objet for the kitchen.

Tail Bird is a bowl that can filter water without a strainer. Users can enjoy their meal while cooking noodles.

Paper, 3D printer, and silicon cutting board mock-up designed the size and handle optimized for cooking.