Concept Project / 2017
Individual work

This design began with a question. How can I use a shredder more freely? You always have to straighten up a paper before feeding it to a shredder, like with a vending machine and paper bills. With PWshredder, you can put in crumpled papers and you can even toss them in. No more straightening out papers or trying to feed them through a narrow opening!

Doing it quickly characterizes the Korean culture to the extent that there’s an entry for ppalli ppalli in the Oxford dictionary. Given this, straightening out a paper before feeding it into a narrow opening would be too much hassle, requiring a lot of patience. Even for sensitive documents, you would often just toss them in a garbage bin rather than uncrumpling them before feeding them to the shredder.  

With PWshredder’s 3 vertical shredder blades, you can feed in a paper crumpled or you can simply toss it in. When you toss a paper into it, a weight sensor will detect it and turn on the 3 shredder blades. There’s no need to worry about your hands, smartphones or watches accidently getting caught because the sensor is weight sensitive and the shredder will only kick into gear for documents. When PWshredder is full, a button will be lit red. When you press the button, a circular plate inside will go down and create space for more papers to be shredded.