Water Block

Concept Project / 2018
Individual work

This work began with the thought "Isn't there a way for all people to easily lift up water tank on cold and hot water dispenser?" Water dispensers are used in various places such as kindergartens, elementary schools and senior citizens' centers and we cannot always wait for someone to help us just because we are too weak or it's too dangerous. So far, most products have used the method to draw up water from the water tank on the floor by using equipment or some products even eliminated the necessity to use water tank. However, I wanted the weak and elderly and the children to solve the problem for themselves.

This water block is composed of 4 small water tanks which anyone can easily and safely lift up. Total capacity of the 4 water tanks combined is 5 gallons, which is the capacity of general water tanks currently used. Of course, users can mount more than or less than 4 small tanks on the dispenser as they want. If the user takes off the cap of the tank and inserts another tank on it, a sharp pin perforates the cap and water flows down through the hole. The user can remove the used-up tank or place new tanks on it to continue its use.

By making the children and the elderly easily lift up the water tank, this dispenser not only helps them to drink water for themselves but also prevents accidents which might happen when lifting up heavy tank. This enables the physically weak to experience sense of achievement and confidence that they can solve their own problems.